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Is organon needs further editions?!

Master answers

Is organon needs further editions?!

The perfect edition of organon is sixth edition

Antipsoric medicines according to Hahnemann?

What are all Antipsoric medicines according to Hahnemann?

 Antipsoric medicines are listed below by Hahnemann,  from The Chronic Diseases

Agaricus muscarius
Ammonium carbonicum
Ammonium muriaticum
Anacardium orientale
Antimonium crudum
Arsenicum album
Aurum muriaticum
Baryta carbonica
Borax venata
Calcarea carbonica
Carbo animalis
Carbo vegetabilis
Clematis erecta
Conium maculatum
Digitalis purpurea
Hepar sulphuris calcareum
Kali carbonicum
Magnesia carbonica
Magnesia muriatica
Muriaticum acidum
Natrum carbonicum
Natrum muriaticum
Nitri acidum
Phosphoricum acidum
Silicea terra 
Sulphuricum acidum

Master Hahnemann About genuine Homeopath(y)

Genuine homeopath(y)

-Master Hahnemann in chronic diseases

As to the second chief error in the cure of chronic diseases (the unhomœopathic choice of the medicine) the homœopathic beginner (many, I am sorry to say, remain such beginners their life long) sins chiefly through inexactness, lack of earnestness and through love of ease.

With the great conscientiousness which should be shown in the restoration of a human life endangered by sickness more than in anything else, the Homœopath, if he would act in a manner worthy of his calling, should investigate first the whole state of the patient, the internal cause as far as it is remembered, and the cause of the continuance of the ailments his mode of life, his quality as to mind, soul and body, together with all his symptoms (see directions in Organon), and then he should carefully find out in the work on Chronic Diseases as well as in the work on Materia Medica Pura a remedy covering in similarity, as far as possible, all the moments, or at least the most striking and peculiar ones, with its own peculiar symptoms; and for this purpose he should not be satisfied with any of the existing repertories, - a carelessness only too frequent; for these books are only intended to give light hints as to one or another remedy that might be selected, but they can never dispense him from making the research at the first fountain heads. He who does not take the trouble of treading this path in all critical and complicated diseases, and, indeed, with all patience and intelligence, but contents himself with the vague hints of the repertories in the choice of a remedy, and who thus quickly dispatches one patient after the other, does not deserve the honorable title of a genuine Homœopath, but is rather to be called a bungler, who on that account has continually to change his remedies until the patient loses patience; and as his ailments have of course only been aggravated he must leave this aggravator of diseases, whereby the art itself suffers discredit instead of the unworthy disciple of art.

doctor sivakumaran:

We can use repertories to find out group of similar remedies, but final deciding authority is materia Medica's (proving sources)

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Homeopathy is medicine for all living creature's....

doctor sivakumaran:

Homeopathy is medicine for all living creature's....   

Mother of baby squirrels died from drowning few days back.

Baby squirrels started continues shrieking...

Not took any food particles and milk or water... For 2days...

3rd day almost in fainting conditions..

Simply i added medicine (
Grief brooding - Ignatia amara) in small amount of water...

Then, we Opened the mouth and gave few drops from it...

Today started eating water, milk, pomegranates, boiled rice..

Now doing well, playing... No shrieking at all.

Full of peace...

For me too....         

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Phatak repertory

I am sharing this
with lot of enthusiasm,

In homeopathy we having more than 200 repertoires,  among many repertoires, phatak is amazing

Its from my desk..


32 yrs old male , came with ultrasonography abdomen and pelvis shows multiple renal calculi, one at rt UVJ  few crystal at bladder.

Took full case taking carefully.

He emphasized, doctor when ever i get colicky pain in abdomen along with i get hiccough.

(Colic with hiccough)

This helped me prescribe right remedy.

Hiccough, colic with:- Hyos.

Hyoscyamus LM 7 frequent doses helped him completely. Expelled all Calculus's.


One patient frequently told,  I am having many problems but I don't know what to say, and i can't able to say what i have exactly...

Express herself cannot : puls

Helped her magically.

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66,Srinivasa colony

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Time modalities

Dr. Boenninghausen about time modalities in homeopathy...

" But of the greater importance are the aggravations and alleviations at particular times of the day, and this with respect to those which refer to single symptoms as well as those that refer to the general health.

In this respect Homoeopathy possesses a great and valuable treasury of well proven experiences which are being more and more enlarged by careful observations.

For there is hardly any disease, from the malignant internal fevers down to local ailments, in which during the different times of the day there does not manifest itself a more or less decided and distinct aggravation or alleviation.

Now since homoeopaths have learned these peculiarities also in the various medicines during their provings on healthy persons, they are enabled to make extensive and blessed use of this peculiarity in their therapeutics, and they are obliged to do this in order that they may satisfy the rule Similia Similibus also in this respect."

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Masters Footprint's

DoctorBoenninghausen, boger are great real inspiring Footprint's of Master Hahnemann...

Now we are going to understand of BTPB philosophical background.

 1. Doctrine of Grand symptoms
2. Doctrine of complete symptoms.

3. Doctrine of Analogy.

#The Doctrine of complete symptoms consists of three factors#

such as-

1. Location- the part, organs or tissues involved in the disease process.

 2. Sensation- the kind of pain, sensation, functional or organic change characterized the morbid process and

3.Condition of Aggravations and Ameliorations.

#Doctrine of complete symptoms- It includes-#

 a). Grand symptom- Location, Sensation and Modalities
b). Concomitants.

Here Doctors, you know ,this Repertory is based on the THE DOCTRINE OF CONCOMITANTS.

The concomitant symptoms are to be the totality what the condition of Aggravation or Amelioration is to the single symptom.

#Doctrine of Analogy#

 BOENNINGHAUSSEN'S says that it it is the patient who is sick - not his head,nor his eye, nor his heart.

Every symptom that refers to a part may be predicted of the whole man. 👌

The physician to bring the symptoms together and complete one part by another.


 Generally used-

first grade -CAPITALS ,

Second grade -  Roman bold

 Third grade- Italic

Fourth grade-  Roman.

Fifth grade- ( Roman in parentheses).

You know  there are seven points to make the TOS in BOENNINGHAUSSEN'S .

Such as-

1.Quis- changes of personality and temperament.

2. Quid- peculiarities of disease.

3. Ubi- the seat of the disease.

4. Quibis auxalis - concomitants.

5. Cur - the cause.

6. Quomodo- Modalities.

7. Quando - time.

But as Robert has given in the introduction to arrive at a totality the following 4 points are required.





I think both are very important to us to make totality.

our goal is to reach the similimum remedy and cure the case .

Every Doctor has prime moto to cure the case according to our basic principle's whatever our Master Hahnemann said.


Law of simplex,

Law of similiars


Law of minimum dose.

 Dear Doctors you try to make a big success in your practice to follow this.

This is the only first Repertory to begin their practice through its in the world.

 I am is one of them.

Digital Courtesy
Dr.Binod Kumar Bhagat
and homeopathy for humanity


Is organon needs further editions?!

Master answers Is organon needs further editions?! The perfect edition of organon is sixth edition